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Online Group Healing with Archangel Chamuel - The Angel of Peace

Bask in the energies & presence of Archangel Chamuel.   A beautifully deep experience.

On Sunday 17th December at  7pm Irish time &  1pm EST is the last Online Group Healing event for 2023.  Our theme is “Peace on Earth”  This is both for your personal peace as well as peace for the world that we live in.  As always for these group events it is an opportunity for us to come together. Group circles have been around for thousands of years & are powerful for ourselves & also the loving energy we can send out to the world. 

This online group meditation & healing is a little special. Not only will you receive the IET energy & IET Healing Angels in your healing, but you will bask in the energies & presence of Archangel Chamuel. 

This beautiful presence & energy will be  woven into your energetic fabric, to give you a healing for your own inner conflicts.  So you can find the place of peace that resides in us all.

Archangel Chamuel, Archangel of Peace is associated with the Heart Chakra & is known as the angel of peaceful inner and external relationships. It is said that Chamuel encourages the importance of self-love, & the remembrance of self-care, out of which it easier to accept & love other

With Christmas approaching & all the stress that sometimes comes with this, this is a jewel of nourishment & peace before it all kicks in big time!  


I am excited for you to join this beautifully deep experience.  For 2024 there is a tribology of monthly healings in Jan, Feb & Mar.  Dates here. I encourage everyone to try these events. They are Soul Food.   As always my heart is full of gratitude & thanks to you all.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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