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View at Calamocha Infinity Pool

Live Your Joy - Retreat

A Luxury Yoga, Surf & Wellness Retreat designed for you to have time to Reconnect with yourself and Nature and to enjoy deep Relaxation. To let go of Self Doubt, Empower Yourself and Transform you.

Costa Rica - The Nicoya Peninsula & Blue Zone

Upcoming Retreat: Apr 23 - Apr 28  2024

Are you ready to make some time in your life for you? During this transformative retreat in one of the most beautiful ocean view locations in Costa Rica, you will reconnect with your inner self, find peace, experience real joy, connect with your real worth and truly empower yourself.


Are you ready to start living your best life now?

This retreat will change your life. You deserve this!

Join us Tue April 23 - Sun April 28 2024

Other Retreat | Sep 4 - Sep 8 | more dates soon| Private Retreats and Custom Dates Available | 


"This has been the best week of my life. Everything was so amazing, from start to finish, A to Z. I connected with nature, connected with my soul on beautiful morning meditation and yoga classes, connected with waves and learned surfing, plus Carla gave energy healing therapy that helped me to feel much better and balanced. I couldn’t ask anything more, anything less. This retreat is just perfect. My heart will stay here in Costa Rica for a long time."

Melih Pamuk, 2023

A Magical & Joyful time of Transformation

Imagine waking up surrounded by peace and luxury while Mother Nature activates your Soul with her sounds. Bird song, monkeys, the ocean, and a soft breeze... close your eyes and just breathe


Our venue is inspirational. Let your heart be open and filled with the lush jungle and incredible ocean views. 

During this retreat not only will you relax and unwind with meditation, yoga and delicious food, there will also be a sunset horseback adventure, holistic wellness therapies and a surf lesson. You will have an opportunity to see how the locals live the essence of a “Pura Vida” life. You will feel supported while you cultivate and walk away with a new meaning to your life of living in Joy.

Your Retreat Experience Starts the Moment you Book.

Before you arrive, we will connect with a free life-coaching session on what it is you need and desire from our retreat. This develops great trust and rapport before you arrive, which is key to your experience. The more you feel safe and relaxed, the more you will let go of what is standing in the way of your joy and awaken your soul.

I am so ready for this!

Why do people attend our retreats?

We create and hold a safe space so it's easy for you to 


  • Unplug from the everyday, slow down and relax 

  • Connect with your beautiful self

  • Feel rejuvenation, nourishment in mind, body and soul

  • Cultivate a feeling of freedom  

  • Have time for deep reflection and mindfulness 

  • Learn new tools and techniques for living your best life 

  • Connect and find peace in nature 

  • Increase your confidence and self-worth 

  • Have fun exploring a beautiful country and its culture

  • Feeling alive from new experiences 

  • Make new friends for life

  • Find your joy and start living your best life 


With over 15 years experience of Life Coaching, Holistic Therapies, Yoga and Soul Journey work, our ability to hold a safe space for you to find your joy and connect with your Soul is unmatched. 


Secluded luxury in the Nicoya Peninsula

Pictures and words cannot depict the true beauty of Calamocha Eco-Lodge. You will be in 75-acres of private land with 5 separate luxurious and unique lodges to choose from. With breath-taking views of the Costa Rican jungle, plunging into the Pacific Ocean you will feel at one with sweet and wild nature in the most magical setting. Imagine watching the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen whilst relaxing in the infinity pool.

Calamocha Eco-Lodge is a harmonious landscape at the edge of the divine. The monkeys talk, the birds sing and the winds caress you. You will be enchanted by the magical and breathtaking scenery. The Costa Rican jungle and miles of beaches will call you, it’s impossible to resist its attraction. 

We have five beautiful villas for you to choose from. You will find videos and information at the bottom of the page

Bedroom at Calamocha Lodge Costa Rica
Calamocha Lodge Costa Rica Inside