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Carla McClean

Hello! I'm Carla. 

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Carla McLean, and I am so glad you are here!

I started Soul to Sole Wellbeing because I love to help and empower people to have good health, find their joy and to live their best life now. I have seen and experienced first-hand the power of Retreats, Holistic Therapies, Life Coaching, Yoga, Energy/ Vibrational work and learning.

I am grateful to have work that I adore, am passionate about and that feeds my Soul. I have learnt so much about myself on my journey and in the last 10 years running Soul to Sole Wellbeing. Also, I am passionate about self discovery, self learning and self development and that will never change.

My own experiences have enabled me to achieve a greater empathy with others and their experiences. I am thankful to all my teachers along the way, and I believe if you serve your purpose, your purpose will serve you.

Namaste, Carla 💖.

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What Makes My Heart Sing?

Clients that I see for Holistic Treatments or Yoga classes invariably leave with less pain or discomfort, feeling more balanced, relaxed, and positive with an inner sense of wellbeing. Teaching the numerous workshops I deliver on Energy Therapies or Self Love, Spiritual Growth, hosting my Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats and seeing instant results from people with new tools for their empowerment. 

After a life coaching session, to see clients leave with more understanding and self-belief in themselves, armed with a self-empowering plan of action for their needs and circumstances is amazing, and hugely rewarding.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to witness how even one treatment, class, workshop or life coaching session can encourage clients to have more self-compassion. This can range from drinking extra water, finding the time to have a relaxing bath, a walk on the beach, speaking more gently and being kinder to themselves, or just simply buying a bunch of flowers.​


With this in mind and to achieve the above on a longer and more in depth scale - Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats had always been a dream of mine. To help and empower people along their Soul journey. The last few years have seen that dream come true and I am delighted to be hosting successful international Yoga and Wellness Retreats.


Being able to facilitate clients’ good health and growth in mind, body and spirit is a privilege. I am extremely grateful, and honoured to play a role in their journeys of self discovery, peace and self love. 

Carla on the beach in Costa Rica

My Story

I understand what it is like to feel stressed in all areas of life and how it can affect your health. I have seen and experienced first-hand the power of Holistic Therapies, Life Coaching, Energy Work, Learning and Yoga, either individually or together in the form of a Retreat.

I have worked in many stressful environments. Including eleven years in the corporate world of recruitment in London – a job I loved. However, it did demand a high degree of energy, dedication and of course, time management  to ensure successful hitting of targets. As a result, I used to have regular treatments of Reflexology and Reiki to help me relax and keep my performance at work at optimum level.

This being said, I would have personally benefited from a

corporate wellness initiative (including Life Coaching)  for a work-life balance if it had been available to me at the time. I know now both are formidable tools that I benefit from each and every day, and I am hugely passionate about them.

Meet The Family

Esteban Soul to Sole Wellbeing Surf Instructor


Costa Rican born with the waves, Esteban is known for his world class surfing for both beginner and advanced surfers.

Luna Soul to Sole Wellbeing Yoga teacher


Born in Sweden and living in Costa Rica for over three years. Luna is known for her unique teachings of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga.



Passionate about cooking delicious, natural feel good food, Veronique is our on site French chef for our Costa Rica retreat. 

Laura Tipper


Naturally fulfilled by the enjoyment and benefits that yoga can bring to children, Laura leads yoga for the little people on our family retreats. 

"The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness".

Esther Hicks

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