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Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshop

Next date: February 25, 2023 | 4.5 hours | Online | €100

You can fall in love with essential oils for many reasons. The obvious reason is that they are beautiful and just a bit magical. The less obvious, is often more personal and powerful: essential oils can heal the mind, body and spirit. The relationship that you start with them will be a lifelong romance of joy and fun!

Our half day, Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of Aromatherapy.

Workshop graduates from Soul to Sole Wellbeing Workshops

The Power of Aromatherapy

About this workshop

Our half day, Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of Aromatherapy. Discover your favourite Essential Oils and gain insight on how to treat a range of health concerns. Create your own Aromatherapy blends to indulge yourself or give to friends and family. Your questions will be answered, and your confidence and imagination will be inspired! Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop Content: -Brief history of essential oils -Introduction to essential oils -Introduction to carrier oils -Interactive essential oil session -How to choose essential oils and carrier oils -Essential oils to treat common health concerns - How to use aromatherapy safely and effectively -Introduction to blending oils - Conclude with the blending and making of oils to take home for yourself, friends and family.

Materials and Prerequisites

Pdf manual with lots of comprehensive notes on the safe use of essential oils; along with in-depth information on the oils we work with. There is also an extensive quick guide on a list of 34 essential oils. There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is for people who love essential oils and /or interested in new ways of looking after their health and wellness. Come and indulge your senses!

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Christian Schael

"I had the pleasure recently to join Carla for her “Introduction to Aromatherapy” course. Carla is such a gentle and warm person, it was like meeting a friend who I had known for years. I always had an interest in aromatherapy and Carla encouraged verbally and non-verbal to proceed on my path, I guess she looked right through me. I hope that Carla will be a part of my path and I couldn’t be happier having met her."

Essential oils

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