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Life Coaching

Ready to wake up and feel like this? 

Studies have shown that if you decide to set a goal you are 5% more likely to achieve it. If you really set your mind to it you have a 25% chance. When you receive coaching this percentage increases to 95% of achieving your goal.

"Life Coaching has changed my life in a very short space of time. Having someone to hold you accountable to the changes you want to make is a gamechanger. Since working with Carla I have left my job and started a new venture (something that used to scare the hell out of me). Carla is a natural coach, kind, honest and meets you where you are at. I can't recommend her enough".

Aisling Mc Grath

My promise to you 

Sometimes it's easy, in this chaotic world we live in to lose connection with ourselves and what we truly want. We will go on an amazing journey of self-discovery and I promise you that you will look at life in a different way, begin to follow your joy and strengthen the most important relationship in your life - your relationship with you.  


What is Life Coaching

​Every client is unique and brings their own set of circumstances, goals, skills, interests, focus and abilities to coaching. Coaching clients can have a desire for change in their life, but some can’t quite put their finger on what exactly that change is or what it means for them. Other clients come to coaching to work on a specific project or goal they have set themselves. No matter what it is that brings you to coaching, the aim will be to maximise your self-learning and potential by focusing on your goals as they become evident and your journey as it evolves during the sessions. It is important to understand that coaching is not therapy, or counselling. But nevertheless, coaching may address specific personal projects, business successes, or more general conditions in the client’s personal and professional life.

What brings people to Life Coaching?

  • A desire for change

  • Personal growth

  • Career development

  • Starting your own business

  • Relationships 

  • Self-esteem building

  • Motivation

  • Project work

  • Health and fitness

  • Finding work-life balance

After only a few sessions I had already started to make big life changes with more confidence, thanks to Carla's encouragement,  making me feel positive and excited for life.

Lorna Franklin

Life Coaching is Powerful

 Life coaching is a remarkably powerful tool that is growing worldwide in popularity as its benefits and results impact more and more people’s lives in a positive fashion. It is about YOU moving forward, you finding solutions that work to give you a more fulfilled and happy life. You learn about yourself internally so you can change externally and you can move forward with courage during challenges that come up in our busy, often stressful lives.


It may be relationship issues, work and career, life balance and spiritual needs. In a nutshell coaching is learning about you, moving forward, taking action and accountability.

Girl empowered

What type of people use Life Coaching?

People who want to pave their unique path to personal and professional fulfilment and who are willing to be challenged and to challenge themselves to move forward in a journey of self-awareness and success. Coaching clients work on personal development, career satisfaction, developing new skills, enhancing existing ones and generally having a more fulfilling “whole life” experience.

How much does it cost and how many sessions will I need?

What works in life coaching is contracting for four to six sessions initially and then reviewing where we are. (Sometimes after the review that is enough or sometimes we contract for more.) Once clients are experiencing the benefits of Life Coaching in their daily life, it becomes a lifestyle choice and is used as an ongoing powerful tool for their wellbeing. If something comes up for them in their lives, they book a session or more. It is truly an amazing gift to yourself and helps you live your best life now. Each life coaching session will run for approximately 60 to 90 mins. Space between sessions is normally one to two weeks - depending on what a client's particular circumstances maybe. None of this is set in stone and I fully understand each client’s needs are unique. Investment in Yourself. -One Life Coaching session is $185 -Four Life Coaching sessions are $700 (per session $175) -Six Life Coaching sessions are $900 (per session $150)

Carla McLean.

Are you ready to get started?

The relationship I form with my clients is very important. By filling out this intake form I'll learn about you and make sure I am the right person to help you on this journey. This will help me and you for our life coaching sessions. It gets you into a coaching mode, helps me learn more about you and what you're looking to achieve. Take your time with it. Be easy with yourself, gently come into your heart and complete what you can. I will contact you when I receive it. Life Coaching will be the most wonderful adventure you will ever take.


Real Reviews. Real People.

"Carla is an absolute angel; an earth angel helping to channel divine energy from the heavenly angels, I've had 2 distance  IET sessions with her now and each one has brought so much peace, grounding and clarity into my life. I can really feel the power of the sessions as they are happening, its truly amazing.  Carla has also provided me with some life coaching and she is able to help me to zoom out on my perceived 'issues' and see my life with more clarity  bringing into my being a deeper sense of peace, love and wholeness.  I would recommend working with Carla in a heartbeat. I am so looking forward to further sessions. "

Image by Kristopher Roller

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"The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness".

Esther Hicks

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