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5 Ways to Manifest with Summer Solstice Energy

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Happy Summer Solstice!

Beach in Costa Rica

It is time to Celebrate hooray!

The Summer Solstice energy has brought me feelings of clarity, inspiration and upliftment. Now is a time of new beginnings, growth and abundance. We can say goodbye to stagnant energy of self-reflection, and welcome the fiery yang energy of the sun to propel us forward.

I find this a powerful time for manifestation and energy work. Once a year the sun exudes vitality and power to the max and the effects can last for a long time.

5 ways to Manifest with Summer Solstice Energy

1, Charge your crystals with the sun's energy. They will love it.

2. Celebrate all your success and joyful times so far in 2023. The feelings you evoke will help you manifest more of both.

3, Dream BIG. Ask yourself what would you do if you knew you would succeed? Then visualise it as already your reality.

4. Write down a list of things you would love to do or have and ask yourself why you want to do/have them? This again will evoke feelings so you will be a matching energy to your desired manifestations. Helping you allow them in.

5. Watch a sunrise or sunset (or both) over the next few days and feel your connection to all that is in our universe and stand in your power.

The main thing is to have fun, be joyful about all of the above. The Solstice portal of energy is around for a while. So you don't have to fit all this on the 21st of June. It is also International Yoga Day! Yay! Another reason to celebrate. Hooray!

All my Yoga & Wellness Retreats have workshops on Manifesting Your Dreams.

Love & Light Carla xx

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