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Happy Christmas & Winter Solstice

Why is this a deeply nurturing time for you?

Hola! Happy Holidays 🎄

For some of us today is Winter Solstice. In many cultures it has always been a significant time for many cultures. It symbolises the death & the rebirth of our Sun.  From tomorrow the days will creep a little longer bit by bit, as our Sun starts to grow every day bringing with it a new Solar year of life & growth. In many traditions this is a time for inner reflection, personal transformation & the release of old patterns.

I feel there is a special stillness about the season we are entering. Even though everything appears dead & frozen on the outside world, a new cycle is beginning & there is magic brewing down in the dark.

It is time to rest. Winter is meant to be a deeply rich time in our lives. It is meant to nurture us & restore us. Ground and calm our nervous system from a busy year of life's growth and lessons.  I realise many of us don't have the luxury of deep rest, but maybe Winter is asking us can we lean into rest whenever we are able? I am asking you, can Rest receive just as much focus as your to do list these holidays? 

If we look at Mother Nature she is resting after her busy year of spring, summer & autumn. She never rushes anything, but she always gets everything done. Including resting so her magic can once again begin. 

I  wish you a Happy & Restful Christmas & I thank you for all your love & support.  I appreciate, love & value you. 

Always remember, the better it gets, the better it gets -Happy Holidays!

Love & Light

Carla xx

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