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Happy New Year! Are you realising & anchoring your dreams?

It is a time of pure potential. Are you ready? Read about my offerings for Jan 2024.


It is here, can you believe it, 2024! I hope you are enjoying the festive holidays.I am looking forward to this New Year.  We have a whole new chapter starting. Which makes this a really hopeful & exciting time. Anything can grow in your life that you plant the seeds of. 

It is a time of pure potential.

I encourage you this year to feel if everything were possible, what is it you would really wish for in 2024?  Often when we feel into what we really want, the first thing that comes up are the reasons why it can't or won’t happen. Eventually this leaves us looking at what our fear thinks is possible.  Is this really your dream, your vision, your pathway?  No, it is fears vision of your dreams.

My first offerings for 2024  are to help you harness this time of planting & high potential. They will help you to release what is in the way of your desire, & create a pathway of possibility to encourage your wish & its promise, to come into reality for you.  Are you ready?

Online IET Healing Sunday 14 Jan   7pm Irish time/ 1pm EST.  Theme is

Realising & Anchoring Your Dreams. 

This brings you the opportunity to have your dreams & visions for 2024 illuminated by Integrated Energy Therapy. So that anything obstructing them will be touched by IET’s healing energies, softened & released.  It will be deeply relaxing, nurturing & powerful. This is part of a trilogy I will be offering & can also be a stand alone energy healing.

I’m excited about the updates I have for The Vision Board with IET Workshop Saturday 27 Jan.   2pm - 6pm Irish Time / 1pm - 5pm EST. Now in its 4th year.  We will  have a lot of fun as always & manifest in ease, grace & flow with new energy processes for you to discover. 

Feel free to share or gift these events to people that you feel may benefit from them.  Sharing is caring. 🥰 

I wish you a very happy Happy New Year. I hope it is going to be the best year yet for all of us. It is truly the time to live your best life & the better it gets, the better it gets. Who is coming with me?  I look forward to seeing you in 2024.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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