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How is the new year, New You going?

It is Your time to Shine.

Hola! from sunny Costa Rica.  How is the new year, New You going? 

I love this statement below. - Every year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year make a resolution to be yourself.  

Be your authentic & beautiful self. Some people ask me how I can be more authentic? Or what is it to be my authentic self?  

If you are struggling knowing & being your happy self &/ or want to experience an authentic self & live an authentic - Life Coaching can help you

If you imagine we are like icebergs 10% above water & 90% below.  Most of us only get to know the 10% above water. In Life Coaching you get to know the other 90%. You learn about you, beautiful & confident you & that's where the magic is.

This enables you to be able to stand in your power, make decisions easily because you know what's important & real for you. Be in authentic, even sacred relationships with everyone in your life.  Clear out self limiting beliefs, blocks, limitations that are stopping you (& you  most likely don’t even know what they are right now).  You can start to move forward towards your dreams from a place of joy, empowerment & peace from the present moment.  Is this your time to shine? Of course it is!  :)🌟

What brings people to Life Coaching?

     🌿 A desire for change                        Increased Self-esteem & Confidence

     🦋 Motivation                                       Project work

     🌟 Health & fitness                              Finding work-life balance

     💖 Personal growth                             Career development

     🌸 Starting your own business          Relationships 

Below are a few reviews from my Life Coaching clients. If you want to have a chat with me about how Coaching can help you, please reach out & contact me. I guarantee you will not be disappointed & can start living your best life NOW.  Click Here to start your journey.

Client Reviews"I went to Carla for life coaching & IET, and have to say I cannot recommend her enough. After only a few sessions I had already started to make big life changes with more confidence, thanks to Carla's encouragement,  making me feel positive & excited for life. Carla is a true healer, & goes above & beyond for her clients, making an effort to get to know each individual, to provide tailored guidance & loving support. Carla's passion for what she does shines through & her zest for life is infectious, you can't help but feel energised & soothed in her presence".  - Lorna

"Life Coaching has changed my life in a very short space of time. Having someone to hold you accountable to the changes you want to make is a gamechanger. Since working with Carla I have left my job & started a new venture (something that used to scare the hell out of me). Carla is a natural coach, kind, honest & meets you where you are at. I can't recommend her enough". - Aisling"

I've been seeing Carla for treatments every week since November,  she is such a lovely, warm, honest person.  I've been working on both coaching & IET Healing weekly & after being consistent with these sessions,  I've remained very strong & positive with myself & in my outlook.' - Jen

Love & Light

Carla xx

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