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June Newsletter

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Hola! From a rainy and windy Costa Rica. How are you doing? The Full Moon was last Saturday and it has been very reflective for me.

Where am I going? What are my desires and manifestations for the future and the life I want to be living? What can I tweak in my life to align more to the life and person I want to be now? To continue honoring myself and living an authentic and joyful life that I am so passionate about living. Checking in with what, where and who gives me joy? Has it changed?

It is natural for me that these reflections come up because we are always changing and our lives are constantly moving. However, this Full Moon and maybe because we are entering the month with Summer Solstice (always a time for reflection). Plus we are at the half way mark during our year. They have been clamoring for me to give them a lot of thought and attention.

When something feels a little bit off in any situation, do not ignore it. When your body starts giving you messages, listen to its whispers before you have to hear it shout. I believe we all have the ability to have a strong intuition. If we make some time and space to hear, feel and trust it, we will hear/feel our Soul and our hearts, they always know the way.

Costa Rica Wellness

Give yourself a break. Be KIND to yourself. Take some time to congratulate yourself with a pat on the back for all you have felt, achieved and enjoyed so far in 2023.

You don't have to have everything figured out this red hot minute. You are where you are AND THAT’S OKAY! You are at the perfect place for everything else you desire and given some space and quiet, your heart and Soul will show you your next steps and your path forward.

This Strawberry Full Moon comes as we enter our Summer period and magic is always in the air for me in June. Set an intention to allow in the magic, the golden opportunities, the joy and the miracles that surround us all every day. I have :)

Then breathe…. Relax, go with the flow of wellbeing and make some regular time in your day (even 5 minutes will yield huge results for you) for a little quiet space to tune into your heart space.

Many of my clients and friends have been sharing that lots have been coming up for them. They are feeling tired, thinking lots and can feel change coming. As always, I am here for Life Coaching and Energy Healings IET or Reiki. Both of these life tools especially together are amazing for facilitating transformation internally and externally in our lives. Please remember, your best is always good enough and you are worthy of all love, success and happiness simply because you breathe. We are human beings, not human doings. Be happy, be kind and be in love with YOU now. Not when you have got there, figured this or that out or achieved that goal. Love yourself special self now.

Love & Light Carla xx

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