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September Check in

Soothing September's New Moon - Rest and then Manifest

Portugal Retreat

Hola! from sunny Portugal

Wow, August was intense. The month blew my socks off energy wise. The Portugal retreat started on the Super Blue Full Moon, Aug 30th and the energy was stronger and more powerful than I expected. I never plan a Yoga retreat around full or new moons. However, my retreats always coincide with the moon in one way or another. We finished the most amazing retreat, (my first adult only in Europe) on my birthday. A big thank you to everyone for the birthday love and wishes that I am still receiving and feeling. It’s one I will never forget. 🥰 I am ready for September's soothing balm. My Summer work schedule is complete and it has exceeded my wildest dreams. I have seen huge growth, expansion and transformation in the clients and students that I have worked with. So much fun, laughter and magic has been created, along with new lasting friendships. Hooray! The better it gets, the better it gets! 🌟💟🙏

🌙 The new moon in Virgo arrived yesterday and planets like Mercury & Venus are starting to go direct. Spiritually, new moons bring a sense of hope and beginnings. First rest, August was full on! Then use the new moon energy for manifesting and planning your next moves. As it's in super organised Virgo you may be feeling the urge to prep and organise yourself a bit anyway.

For now I am resting with my heart full of JOY, enjoying the energies of my solar return (my birthday), and this beautiful new moon energy. Remember, we don't need to see the whole staircase, just the next step.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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