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August Check in & Updates

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The Universe has your back.

Teaching Integrated Energy therapy


I'm writing from a kinda of sunny Dublin, it is trying anyway. August has been so fast paced energy wise. Full Moon, Lions gate, New moon and then next week another Full Moon. Planets retrograde including Venus and now Mercury. It sounds tiring even writing it. For me, August has been super abundant. I am very grateful to all that have helped me make it so, family, friends and beautiful IET students and clients. Many people are feeling a shift, a change is coming (including me) and that sensation of letting go of the old - old beliefs and outdated versions of ourselves can feel uncomfortable and exciting. However, I believe the universe will never give us more than we can handle. We want to make space for the new abundance and versions of ourselves and at first it can feel empty letting go, but we are making space for miracles and joy to arrive. Keep your faith, trust, be kind to yourself and know the universe has your back.

Ireland Wellness retreat is fully booked on the 27th August. Woohoo!

There are two places left for my 4 night Portugal Yoga, Wellness and Manifest Your Dreams Retreat. Aug 30th - Sep 3rd (My birthday!) This is going to be simply AMAZING!

November 11th - 18th join me in Costa Rica for 7 night Yoga, Wellness and Manifest Your Dreams Retreat in stunning Calamocha Eco Lodge. If you have always dreamed of visiting Costa Rica you will not be disappointed and If I can help you make your dreams come true it will be a pleasure.

I have lots of clients waiting for Life Coaching and treatments and I thank you for your patience. I have been fully booked for weeks now. September is the earliest availability I have.

Sending lots of love for the rest of August. Let this last Full moon bath you in its energies and let go and let it flow.

Make your mantra - the best is yet to come.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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