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November Updates & Check in.

Empower Yourself this Winter


My heart is full. My last Retreat of 2023 was so sweet & caring. How are you doing? From the feedback I have been receiving from clients & friends, November energy has been lighter for us all. Hooray!

Below are a few of my offerings for your wellbeing & joy this winter. More dates for 2024 coming soon. Empower Yourself this Winter!

An easy way to gift yourself YOU time & self care this winter. Empower yourself, feed your Soul & join me for Online IET Healing & Meditation. All you need to do is clink a link, lie down & receive. Reset your mind, body & spirit. Deep relaxation & healing is promised. 1.5 hours. I'm in!

It isn't called the 'Silly Season' for nothing. Take some time out for a fun afternoon & join me for a 5 hour mini retreat. Learn how to connect to the 9 IET Healing Angels & receive inspiration, love & guidance. Guaranteed relaxation & rejuvenation. No prerequisites & open to all. A certificate is awarded. I'm ready for some relaxation!Sat 9th Dec 2023

My Vision Board Workshop with IET is not only a life changing experience, it’s is also fun and easy… a vision board class like no other. Are you going to take action in 2024? Touch your heart, move your soul & raise your vibration to meet you hearts desires. You can do it, turn your dreams into reality! 2024 is my year sign me up Sat 27th Jan 2024

What a better way to start 2024 than a 7 night Luxury Yoga, Wellbeing & Energy Work Retreat in beautiful Cost Rica. New workshops included amongst so much more. Reconnect with yourself & nature. Let go of Self Doubt, Empower Yourself , Feel your Worth & Manifest your Dreams! Hell Yes! I'm coming. Jan 30th - Feb 6th 2024

As always I am available for Life Coaching & Distance Energy Sessions ( Reiki or IET). I am busy so please book ahead to make sure you get your prefered time. Look after your mind, body & spirit, and always Follow Your Joy It really does lead you to the most amazing places. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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