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Yoga on retreat

1 day Food for the Soul Retreat

A day for you to disconnect, unwind and nourish yourself from the inside out. 

Sunday August 27, 2023. Ghan House, Carlingford.

Ghan House, Carlingford, Co. Louth.

This one day retreat is for you to take a break from your everyday responsibilities to reconnect with yourself, slow down and de-stress. We want you to feel nourished from the inside out and leave feeling like you spent a whole weekend away! 


Through Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork, group Health Coaching and connection with others this day will help you loosen up, have some fun and improve your relationship with you. 


This one day retreat in Carlingford will help you to: 


  • Connect with like minded people and make new friends.

  • Let go of responsibilities for the day and focus on no one and nothing but yourself.

  • You will slow down, rest and recharge.

  • A sense of empowerment over the direction of your health.

  • Eat delicious whole and nourishing food.

Yes, yes yes!

Schedule For The Day*


9am– 10am: Opening with Smoothie & healthy treat on arrival (sugar free granola bars, chia seed & coconut milk pudding with fruit coulis). 

10am – 1230pm: Breathwork and Yoga.

We will begin with an oracle card, pranayama (breath work), and then into a bespoke yoga practice. All levels welcome.

1230pm – 1:30pm – Lunch** (marinated cold chicken, smoked Irish salmon, served with summer salads & homemade brown bread) Vegan & vegetarian options available upon request.

1:30pm – 2pm Walking** Weather depending.

2pm – 3:30pm Group Health Coaching Session.

3:30pm - 4:45pm Sound Healing. 

4:45pm – 5pm Closing Circle.

*this schedule may shift slightly as the day plays out.

You had me at Recharge!


The entire day of Yoga, meditation,breathwork, health coaching and sound healing. As well as a healthy catered lunch, fresh smoothies and snacks upon arrival.


At the beautiful Ghan House located in Beautiful Carlingford, Co. Louth.