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Summer Solstice, Full Moon & International Yoga Day.

Magic is in the air!

International Yoga Day Summer Solstice Full Moon

Hola! How are you?    I’m home in a very green Costa Rica. Whilst I have been in Europe the rain has made everything pop here. The colours are vivid & beautiful.

Today we have reason to celebrate! Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) & the Full Moon are on the same day! Combined they create a potent vortex of magic & energy.

It's an amazing time to release what no longer serves us under the Full Moon's gentle glow & to amplify our intentions for the future with the Solstice's abundant energy. Plus we have International Yoga day as well.  It is a truly magical time & I love magic.

☀️ Summer Solstice -  Manifesting magic. What we energetically plant now with our intentions we will reap for the rest of the year & beyond. This glorious time has been celebrated for centuries as a time of renewal & abundant energy for a reason. It's like the universe is throwing open its arms, urging us to set our intentions afire with the warmth & energy of the sun’s peak. Last year I wrote 5 Ways to Manifest with Solstice Energy & I am doing the same this year.  Read Here

🌜  Full Moon -  Under its wise & beautiful energy, we are encouraged to softly release negativity, & align with our truest selves. Reflect on where you have grown & what can you tweak going forward to clear out doubts & fears of living your best life now. I will be making  a Full Moon list of things to release & burning it outside tonight. 

🧘‍♀️ International Yoga Day  -  Globally we come together to celebrate Yoga. Yay!  To highlight the immense benefits of yoga for mind, body, & soul. Surya Namaskara ( Sun salutations) are perfect for today & many places will be offering events this week to celebrate.  What is not to love about that. :)

We are all connected & there is magic in the air. Embrace this cosmic alignment, let go of the old & manifest your dreams with clarity & purpose.

Practise Yoga, celebrate the Sun’s peak & work with its powerful energy. Gaze & whisper to the Moon what you wish to let go of & watch how the magic of it unfolds with ease & grace. Have fun & Dream BIG & don't forget to charge your crystals

The better it gets, the better it gets.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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