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11 11 Portal is Open - Manifesting Time

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Harness this amazing Power House . Manifest with 11/11 portal Energy


Can you feel it? The 1111 manifestation portal is open!

The intensity of this energy is profound. The wild energy of the full moon lunar eclipse at the end of last month is making the 1111 portal energy stronger in intensity.

So what is the big deal about 11/11 you may ask?

In Numerology or Angel numbers 11 is a Master Number. It has the power of two 1s. Number 1 is about new beginnings & makes 11/11 a powerful force & manifesting powerhouse. It represents growth, development, inspiration, & spiritual enlightenment. So, 11/11 is all of that energy quadrupled!! At 11/11, the doors of the spiritual portal open up with the promise of new beginnings.

Seeing 111 and 1111 at this time signifies the powerful opening of the Manifestation portal. Simply, this is an amazing time to put forward to the Universe your deepest intentions of what you desire to manifest.

Remember, it is very important to keep your thoughts high at this time & to focus on what it is that you want to see manifested rather than what you don't want to have manifested.

Here are a few ideas to help you harness the portal energy:

🌟1. Amplify the energy - If you are looking for maximum impact, start anything you decide to do on 11 November at 11:11 to amplify this synchronicity & alignment.

💟 2. Gratitude - Before you tune in to your deepest desires & biggest dreams begin with gratitude. Feeling gratitude & appreciation for the things & people you already have in your life, opens your connection to your heart.

🌿 3. Ground yourself - To manifest successfully it really helps if we feel grounded. Spend time in nature taking in the fresh air, sunlight, & grounding your feet in the grass or sand.

🌈 4. Create space - Declutter your home, car, computer, phone etc and get rid of old things that possess stagnant energy. Make room for your new abundance.

🙏 5. Clarity - To receive a clear answer / manifestation you need to have a clear question or desire. What is it you want and Why? Forget the how, when, whom. That is not your job, that is the Universe’s work.

🌙 6. Focused Energy - When you write something down it is your most focused intent. Write a letter to the Universe with your deepest intentions, desires & then burn it.

As always, have fun with this. Your highest vibration is JOY. That is when you are in allowing mode for your manifestations. So, follow your joy & smile you are doing great.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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