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It's okay to change...

What Mother Nature is teaching us.

Portugal Retreat

Hola! How are you?

I made it back home to beautiful Costa Rica after 3 months of adventures & growth. Colombia was amazing & just what I needed. I left feeling nurtured, restored & very happy.

After the lunar eclipse there was a lot of energy around for people & some of it was tough going. Some people I know are struggling & others are riding the waves & are excited about changes. To feel either or both of these is normal & okay. If I can help, contact me.

Change, some of us love it & some hate & fear it. I love the Autumn/ Fall time because it’s Mother Nature’s way of teaching us it’s okay to change. To be different, to be a new you. To have new boundaries, thoughts, beliefs, routines etc etc. Soon we have an 11/11 portal opening & it will be a great time to make intentions & move forwards in our lives the way we want.

I am happy that November's energy is going to be smoother, more healing & give us all the motivation & encouragement to move forward with our new knowledge about ourselves . So we can make changes to lead a more authentic & fulfilling life. Be brave and know it is okay to change. Follow Mother Nature's lead. Let her loving, unconditional & infinite love support & hold you. The best is yet to come.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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