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Open Your Heart & Empower Yourself 

A Luxury Yoga, Energy Healing Retreat designed for you to experience deep Inner Healing techniques that will open your heart.  Enjoy Rest, Relaxation & Fun whilst Reconnecting with Yourself, Nature & the Vibration of Love in breath-taking Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica - The Nicoya Peninsula & Blue Zone

Upcoming Retreat: Nov 15 - 20 2024 | 5 Nights 

Are you ready to start loving yourself? Join us for this transformative, energy healing and yoga retreat, in one of the most beautiful ocean view locations in Costa Rica. You will experience deep inner healing (IET®) energy techniques, that will open your heart and empower your life. 

An exciting bonus for you is the Director of Integrated Energy Therapy®  Barbara Stepniak is attending and sharing her expertise. Woohoo!


Are you ready to align to the vibration of love?

This retreat will change your life. You deserve this!

5 nights | Friday Nov 15 - Tuesday Nov 20  2024

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"This has been the best week of my life. Everything was so amazing, from start to finish, A to Z. I connected with nature, connected with my soul on beautiful morning meditation and yoga classes, connected with waves and learned surfing, plus Carla gave energy healing therapy that helped me to feel much better and balanced. This is the Rolls- Royce of retreats. Beautiful location, amazing people, everything is just so perfect.  I felt so special and lucky to spend a week here. I’m so grateful for Carla to offer this Retreat.”    

Melih Pamuk Jan 2023

A Magical Yoga & Energy Healing Retreat

Imagine waking up surrounded by peace and luxury while Mother Nature activates your Soul with her sounds. Bird song, monkeys, the ocean, and a soft breeze... close your eyes and just breathe


Our venue is inspirational. Let your heart be open and filled with the lush jungle, incredible beaches and ocean views. Creating the perfect energetic environment to align with the vibration of love.

Working with Integrated Energy Therapy ® and the energy of compassion we will work to release energy patterns around heart ache, loss, grief, sadness, pain, disappointment, and betrayal. That may be holding you back from having an open heart, living a joyful loving and empowered life.  


The purpose of life is LOVE. The most important thing we can do as a human being is to love others and allow others to love us.  This all begins with Loving yourself.

You will walk away empowered and vibrating love at your core and there is more.....

I am so ready for this!

There is more to this Yoga & Energy Retreat!

Not only will you be basking in love and inner healing, you will relax and unwind with meditation, yoga and delicious food. Enjoy free time for you to reflect and just be. Over the 5 days you will have an opportunity to see how the locals live the essence of a “Pura Vida”life.


Join evening activities of sound baths under the stars, cacao ceremony,  empowering energy healing (IET®) sessions and go out for a sunset evening dinner in a local restaurant, our treat.  There will also be options for you to book a sunset horseback beach adventure A range of holistic wellness therapies available, surf lessons and a waterfall tour.  

We are going to have a lot of fun. We know transformation can be easy and fun. You will walk away empowered and vibrating love at your core.


With over 15 years experience of Life Coaching, Holistic Therapies, Yoga and Soul Journey work, our ability at Soul to Sole Wellbeing to hold a safe space for you is unmatched. It is at the heart of all we do.


Secluded luxury in the Nicoya Peninsula

Pictures and words cannot depict the true beauty of Calamocha Eco-Lodge. You will be in 75-acres of private land with 5 separate luxurious and unique lodges to choose from. With breath-taking views of the Costa Rican jungle, plunging into the Pacific Ocean you will feel at one with sweet and wild nature in the most magical setting. Imagine watching the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen whilst relaxing in the infinity pool.

Calamocha Eco-Lodge is a harmonious landscape at the edge of the divine. The monkeys talk, the birds sing and the winds caress you. You will be enchanted by the magical and breathtaking scenery. The Costa Rican jungle and miles of beaches will call you, it’s impossible to resist its attraction. 

We have five beautiful villas for you to choose from. You will find videos and information at the bottom of the page

Bedroom at Calamocha Lodge Costa Rica
Calamocha Lodge Costa Rica Inside

"Carla is the ultimate guide and healer, leading beautiful meditations to start our day, yoga with a different twist every day."   Livia Corredor 2023

Calamocha Food

Will you meet us for breakfast at the beautiful El Rancho Lodge and infinity pool?

Enjoy delicious local and organic fresh fruit, granola, squeezed juice, fresh coconuts and more in this idyllic setting. All our meals are served here and will nourish you from the inside out. Breakfast and 2 course evening meals are freshly and lovingly prepared on site by our wonderful French Chef Veronique.

Each meal is special with a backdrop of the most breath-taking sunsets as Mother Nature puts on her majestic nightly show in the Nicoya peninsula - one of only 5 Blue Zones in the world.

Visualise yourself now in Costa Rica


Every morning we gather to begin our day with an oracle card reading and soothing guided meditation. We will drop into our hearts surrounded by nature.


After our meditation, continue your day with a 75 minute yoga practice. As the week unfolds our classes build upon each other. All begin with some  pranayama (breath work), and then into our Vinyasa Hatha flow.

We believe Yoga is joy and all our classes ensure you connect to your own joy and perfection as you are now. All levels are welcome and you will begin or deepen your yoga practice that is true and real for you with a smile on your face. Shavasana (a restorative yoga pose) in this setting is like nothing you have experienced and deep peace reigns in your heart.

“I am not a huge yoga fan, but Carla changed that. It was the first time that I actually had fun. She made the class enjoyable and there were plenty of smiles. I am not flexible and the classes were a good blend of stretches as well as more challenging poses.”

Aaron O’Neal