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July New Moon in Cancer.

Updated: Jul 10

Support & compassionate energy is here to help us.

July Cancer New Moon Support is here

Hola! from Vancouver & Happy New Moon.

How are you? It has been energetically pretty bumpy for many people the last couple of weeks. I have had lots of clients new & existing reach out for support & help via Coaching & Energy treatments. Physical, emotional & spiritual situations coming up for as many different reasons as you could imagine.

It has been two weeks since Solstice & the Full Moon. Their energies have been weaving through us like a cosmic dance & for some it's been a little more uncomfortable than others. Having to face what needs facing to allow your Soul to grow can be at times. However, it's all for your highest good & I firmly believe the Universe never gives us more than we can actually handle.  I felt very tired at the end of June & surrendered to rest & the knowledge that some transformation / energetic upgrade was occurring. I increased my self care with more meditation, yoga & self love.

This compassionate & caring Cancer New Moon will usher in some lighter energy for us all. This gentler energy is especially comforting & protective. It can help us create a safe & cosy bubble within which we can safely explore our emotional desires & set intentions that are aligned with our hearts. 

We are getting ready for the second half of 2025. The best way to do so is with compassion for ourselves. Please don't beat yourself up ever! It doesn't help or work.  You are where you are & that's okay. You are in the perfect place for where you need to be for creating your best life.

Getting regular Coaching sessions & Energy treatments like Integrated Energy Therapy & Reiki really helps keep you at your optimum in all aspects of your life. 

The next Online IET healing will help support you on Sun July 21st you can Book Here.   As will my Costa Rica Retreat July 23 to 28 in more ways than you can imagine. Book Here

You are doing great, be kind to yourself & be your own biggest cheerleader. Your best is always good enough. Give yourself a hug & tell yourself I love you. Smile & get ready for a great second part of 2025.

Love & Light

Carla xx

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