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6 Benefits of an Energy Healing Course

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

An Energy Healing Course is a gift to yourself, a wonderful gift. At Soul to Sole Wellbeing we offer Integrated Energy Therapy, the next generation of Energy Healing Course.

Treatment by Soul to Sole

Below are 6 benefits of an Energy Healing Course, especially Integrated Energy Therapy.

Before we look at the benefits of an Energy Healing Course, let’s learn a little about what Energy Healing is. Energy Healing comes in many forms but here at Soul to Sole Wellbeing Integrated Energy Therapy is the one we love the most, and the one we teach in our Workshops.

What is Integrated Energy Therapy® ?

Integrated Energy Therapy is a hands on, energy healing modality that helps clear away the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy blockages while relaxing in a warm comfortable setting. Nine healing Angels are invited to assist in removing the blockages by working with the healer. It is performed on a fully clothed body and is a very effective healing treatment.

IET can clear past and current pain without you having to feel it, clearing your energetic path at a deep cellular level. This allows you to move forward with a happy and healthy future. In summary IET is healing with angelic help for a beautiful energy healing treatment.

6 Benefits of an Energy Healing Course

1. Integrated Energy Therapy is a beautiful gift to yourself. It can be a vehicle for yourself discovery, personal growth, development of self and the development of your spirituality.

2. Your own self-care. After studying on an Energy Healing Course and qualifying in Integrated Energy Therapy you have a new way of assessing your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You now have the tools to look after yourself… You are empowered!!

3. Clearing yourself of past emotions and experiences on a cellular level, so you can access your own power in the present and allow your life to open and reveal your Soul path/ purpose/ mission. Enable you to live a life of great joy, abundance and freedom to be yourself.

4. Helping family and friends. Integrated Energy Therapy allows you to help loved ones. Ensuring your own cup is full first of course, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Helping loved ones and other wonderful humans to be able to help themselves is another gift to ourselves.

5. Become a practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy. At the relevant level you can if wished open your own practise and provide healing and empowerment for others. In IET we are healing one heart at a time. This could be a wonderful and exciting new career path for you that gives you much joy and satisfaction.

6. Integrated Energy Therapy is also a superb addition to other services you may already offer, Life coaching, Counselling, Massage, Reiki, Reflexology. Here at Soul to Sole Wellbeing we offer IET in combination with many of our other treatments. Click here for bookings.

Thank you for reading this post, 6 Benefits of an Energy Healing Course.

I am looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below or on the Soul to Sole Facebook Page.

Love and Light,

Carla xx

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