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Fertility, Pregnancy & Maternity Health

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

All the treatments we offer have benefits for Fertility, Pregnancy & Maternity Health. Reflexology in particular has an excellent proven track record in assisting fertility and is recommended by IVF clinics in the UK. Regular treatments whilst pregnant help many pregnancy conditions like morning sickness, back ache, constipation and much more. Post pregnancy it helps with milk production for breast feeding, assists the uterus in regaining shape and is brilliant for managing baby blues.


Aromatherapy compliments all our treatments and we encourage clients to use and enjoy the wonders of essential oils and there many uses. It is a medical fact that antibiotics cannot treat viral infections, whereas Aromatherapy oils can assist with recovery from such infections; and in so doing help to promote and maintain maternity health.

Lastly, please be aware we also treat children. It is necessary for an appropriate adult to be present if the child is under 16. We have seen many treatments help anxiety with exams, digestive issues, bed wetting, muscle pain and injuries to name just a few conditions. Our therapies are a gentle way to look after your whole family’s health. Please contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you.

Love and Light,

Carla xx

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